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You don't have to drive a Mercedes to be treated like somebody who does. If you can drive it in, we can fix it. Fair prices, fair practices and a little Fiat 500 loaner for longer jobs. Come in and see the difference today.


Things going smoothly?

That smooth ride and great handling you enjoy is thanks to a complex arrangement of links and springs underneath your car, but like anything else, they wear down after a while and when they do, you'll begin to notice it.

Give it the once-under

Ralph Van Woerden Automotive Repair recommends having your suspension and its components looked over on your next trip in. Getting your oil changed? Ask for a suspension once-over. If you've begun to notice a bit of a rougher ride, or can hear squeaking or rattling, you've got signs of suspension wear and that should be checked.

Safety first

Suspension wear can also lead to uneven tire wear, and that's a safety topic and money waster.