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Auto Service for Everyone

You don't have to drive a Mercedes to be treated like somebody who does. If you can drive it in, we can fix it. Fair prices, fair practices and a little Fiat 500 loaner for longer jobs. Come in and see the difference today.

Timing Belts

It's all about timing

We've probably all heard about today's timing belts and how they should be changed out at 100-160,000kms to avoid accidentally damaging the engine.

"Time" to come in?

Almost every car out there has a timing belt that is going to need to be changed sooner or later. For Volkswagen TDI owners, Ralph Van Woerden Automotive Repair has the special tools needed to change out your timing belts. Without trying to be competitive, our pricing can sometimes come in at half of the dealer rate!

And don't forget...

For all timing belt changes here in Chilliwack BC, we'll check the water pump to make sure that everything really is good to go.